Mar. 8th, 2010

tigeronstarfire: (Relaxed...)
Oh wait, I didn't. XD

Oh well, I turned 27 yesterday, guys. :3P Birthday was MUCH better this year compared to last year, so that made me really happy. *hugs his roomies*

Just a few little things to report - I moved my computer into another case again, got an XFX Radeon 5750 (to replace the 4850 I had) and I also now have a front media display, so now my computer is (finally) the HTPC I've always wanted it to be. That, and I have a Kingston 64GB 2nd Gen SSD on the way to give the newer range of hard drives a shot. :) That, and I have plans to cut a window into my case with some pre-cut stuff from, as well as light it with UV cold cathodes and UV reactive SATA cables. Gonna be pretty cool.

Oh, and kitties.

You may recognize the two - it's Zoey, Black's new kitten, and of course, Buffy. :3

Other than that, it's kinda been life as usual. XD Work is work. Psyched for Final Fantasy XIII, which comes out...tonight? And then there's Pokeyman Soul Silver the following week. I even got a bunch of games from Gamestop last weekend (Okami for Wii, Phantom Brave, Chibi Robo, and Zelda: Spirit Tracks) and...yeah. I'm pretty packed game wise. XD

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