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I went ahead and got the new DS system today. :3 After getting one, I'm completely happy with my purchase. (Would buy again lol)

Anywho, for anyone interested in how the DSi stacks up against the DSi XL, here's an image of my own I took.


Yeah. At least, to me, even the DSi looks like a Game Boy Micro next to this thing. Okay, that's kind of stretching it, but still. ;3P But the larger screens are very nice. My ONLY regret is that it makes some text more pixellated. But that's okay. Elite Beat Agents is tons easier thanks to this (barring the wheels), but no less fun. :)
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Just FYI. ^_^ After over a year, the bill has finally passed.

It may not be perfect, but hey, it's much better than millions of Americans have now.

Whoohoo! :D
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Oh wait, I didn't. XD

Oh well, I turned 27 yesterday, guys. :3P Birthday was MUCH better this year compared to last year, so that made me really happy. *hugs his roomies*

Just a few little things to report - I moved my computer into another case again, got an XFX Radeon 5750 (to replace the 4850 I had) and I also now have a front media display, so now my computer is (finally) the HTPC I've always wanted it to be. That, and I have a Kingston 64GB 2nd Gen SSD on the way to give the newer range of hard drives a shot. :) That, and I have plans to cut a window into my case with some pre-cut stuff from FrozenCPU.com, as well as light it with UV cold cathodes and UV reactive SATA cables. Gonna be pretty cool.

Oh, and kitties.

You may recognize the two - it's Zoey, Black's new kitten, and of course, Buffy. :3

Other than that, it's kinda been life as usual. XD Work is work. Psyched for Final Fantasy XIII, which comes out...tonight? And then there's Pokeyman Soul Silver the following week. I even got a bunch of games from Gamestop last weekend (Okami for Wii, Phantom Brave, Chibi Robo, and Zelda: Spirit Tracks) and...yeah. I'm pretty packed game wise. XD
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Just a little paraphrase I figured would be useful. :3P

Hey Livejournal! Long time no see! XD Haven't been posting much because life has been...pretty good, I must say. Work's been pretty steady, though we all had a small scare when our business manager had to go to a budget reduction meeting to justify my position. o_O But it apparently went really well, so everything seems to be okay. He should get the results of that meeting soon, I imagine, but fingers crossed, and I'm feeling optimistic.

It's kinda wierd too. After not writing in this thing for so long, and because life has been so...monotonous, I sorta feel like I've lost my voice. Like, I've just become a cog in the wheel of life, functioning, moving, developing, procrastinating...the whole bit. Not that I don't feel like I'm going somewhere, but sometimes it feels like the same stuff day in and out. But a lot of things have changed too, and for the better, but it's far too much to describe in a simple LJ post. In fact, after my past several, I feel bad even touching on them lightly because it wouldn't do the changes justice.

But you know what? To hell with that. :D And...I think in the back of my mind, I think I'm this furry celebrity that I'm really not. :P Not that many people know me. And yet, it's like... I feel myself going back into my old philosophy of wanting to hide those things away because it was too stressful to be so...'open'. Like, I wanted to have full control over what people perceived me to be at all times, but I can't do that. All I can do is be me, put it out into the open, and if people don't like it, tough titties. I have to be me, and that's the only way I'll attract the people I want to have in my life. Slowly, but surely, I'm becoming more social. And I can't help but still want to keep some of that mystery about me, but not to the point where I'm some vague, wandering shadow like I feel I may have been in the past. Maybe I haven't come off that way. But that's they way I feel I've been.

Anywho though. One of the biggest recent things is that I now have a new entertainment center! ..and media shelf! :D Go see.

This is what I had before - it belonged to one of my roommates, and I was using up until last weekend. And it had plenty of storage. But I wanted to bring the TV closer to earth, and make more use of the center area. So...I have that, but the unfortunate thing is that I can't fit the cable box or my computer tower into it at all. It's not tall or wide enough. :P But it looks nice, and the TV high is just right. That, and I like the media pyramid I have in the center. :) So...it's a tradeoff.

Another thing - I beat MGS3 and 4 over the Christmas break into the New Year. Let me say this - I wasn't happy with the way 4 tied up some of the loose ends, but I FREAKING LOVED 3. SNAKE EATER, BABY. :D FUCKING SNAKE EATER. The ending was a BLAST, and they made you work for it. Just when you thought it was all over? Hell no. :D You're not done yet. XD But it was worth every minute and twist that built up to it. And recently, I was playing Bayonetta. And I hear one of my friends didn't want to play it because of the fanservice. Well, they're missing out on a very sassy, witty, and sexy heroine, and a great action game. And it won brownie points for its use of "Fly Me To the Moon" in the intro, since it reminded me of Eva and fighting angels. :)

Lastly, I learned a few things about myself since my last post.

Don't doubt myself or my abilities. If it's enough to make someone happy, fix their computer - take pride in it, and don't think that I'm not enough. I intentionally, in the past, tried to tie myself down so that I didn't get so far in my art that I made someone jealous, but, well...obviously, I'm holding myself back, and I don't need to. I'm missing out on a gift I have that makes people happy, and that's what I want anyway. And...it's weird. Now that I think about it, I really don't know how or why I came to think like that. o_O Or, to whom I direct that at, unless it's the faceless furry populace, or whatever. But I'll be okay. It's an irrational fear. :P A monster of my own creation, perhaps. Maybe just to protect me from what interest in my art would create? Even if my art is...mostly personal? I dunno. But I shouldn't short change myself, because what I do makes people happy, and I think I'd like to develop that gift.

And for the jackass that was like, "Look at the art I got for free!" Well, you suck. :P Because I did that out of the kindness of my own heart, not to make your sketchbook look better. :P

Alrighty, I know that's a lot to digest, but I think that's a good summary of things up to this point. Oh, and I got a Samsung Moment. :D Android Market is the window to happiness, folks. ^_^

If I think of more, I'll mention it in future posts, and hopefully I won't hesitate to do so. If you guys like reading my stuff, well, here you go. :)

And 'geaux' Saints! I'm not a hardcore football fan, but it's great for New Orleans, and we need all the support we can get. Do your best in Miami!
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I'm already on the third game. XD I beat the second not even 24 hours ago.

Totally have Snake Eater running through my head right now. Even if the AI sucks (it's that good :P) because I keep tripping the alert system. And what made it even funnier? It's like, it's a steath mission, and I'm not supposed to be discovered. So, after I keep getting caught by the guards, "The Boss", my mentor, tells me, "Have you forgotten what I taught you five years ago?!" ...and then I can't contact her at all after a while. I thought she was that angry with me for being so sloppy. XD

Little did I know. Oh ho ho. ;3

I swear, I feel like drawing an new icon for all this. That, or at least a comic to talk about my beautiful sneaking mistakes in this game. And that's just from the beginning. XD
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I finished the first Metal Gear Solid game, Twin Snakes, on my Gamecube a few days ago, and started on the second yesterday morning not long after.

Wow. o_o

I somehow wonder why I didn't get genuinely interested in this series before, even after having the disc for about a year before honestly digging into it. Great stuff. Cinematics, storytelling, fourth wall breaking... XD But I took a break today because I didn't want to binge on MGS and plow through all of the games in the series for my vacation. But ohmigosh, it's nice. :3

That, and I got the 'bad ending' in Twin Snakes. I do agree with one poster on Youtube that said it felt more real than the cheesier 'good ending'. Ties the theme together in a cute little bow, but...come on. XD

At least I got the stealth camo. :D
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Aaaand...got myself a Playstation 3 slim. (And the two Ratchet & Clank games, and Little Big Planet)

I just committed Nintendo fanboy sacrilidge. XD

Anywho, any of you guys wanna add me as a friend, I'm just good ol' TigeronStarfire on there. :)
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Y'know what? I just had a thought. Something that would make me a lot happier, and would meet my needs as a human being. I mean, if things happen that affect other people, why can't I, y'know?

Yeah. One person in particular may not be happy, but you know what? I don't really care. I'm actually really tired of not having words to put behind my feelings, but now, I do. I want to be happier where I am, and in truth, I'm not. I go along with too many other decisions, and it's time that I paved my own way here.

Just because it's 'status quo' doesn't mean that it's one shoe fits all. And to be honest, it's driving me away from here, and I don't want that, because deep down, I don't want to lose the friendships I have over petty garbage. Tiggy needs to be tiggy. And I'm ready for the reprecussions, because it means I'll be happy. I may not like some of the fallout, but hey, you take sacrificies with your decisions. And I'm fine with that.
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I haven't mentioned this much, but I've been idly cruising the interwebs for the past few months regarding the new AMD Tigris platform that was launched last month. However, lots of companies decided to hold off on putting anything out until the Windows 7 launch, which is Thursday. So, you can imagine my excitement when I finally see a few laptops vying for my attention - all from HP's DV7 line. But here's the rundown.

What I wanted in my next lappy are as follows:

AMD Turion II Ultra Processor (Preferably M600 or higher)
ATI Radeon 4650 Graphics Card
16" LED Screen or higher
Wireless N Capabilities
Blu-Ray Lightscribe Combo Drive

In order of importance. So, in my search, I've stumbled upon three laptops that caught my attention, but to varying degrees of precision.

Best Buy: DV7-3065DX
What does this one have going for it? Blu-Ray drive. Cost? Base of 729.99. What helps is the fact that I have a gift card for BB, and I could use it to help defray some of the cost of this particular lappy. Unfortunately, this laptop has two strikes against it - the lack of N and graphics that are exactly the same as what I have now. (Though the one in store has a 4200, interestingly enough) Sadly, I also do love that, if I get a service plan, I feel like I'm well taken care of. It pains me to do this, but the graphics are a dealbreaker. It's just not enough of an improvement.

Office Depot: DV7-3060US - ON SALE
Now we're talking. It meets most of the above requirements, but the fact that it has a Radeon 4530 didn't sit well with me. The lack of Blu-ray doesn't hurt it much, but I would have liked to have had it in this laptop. Plus, I can get 10% Bing cash back on this one. Bought online for 699.99, before a $50 mail in rebate, this was the most tempting, however, I didn't expect what I found next to blow all of this out of the water.

Wal-mart: DV7-3069WM
EVERYTHING. FREAKING EVERYTHING I WANTED. But why, Wally World, why? Why must the laptop I love be here? @_@ That, and it costs 899.99 before tax, shipping, and warranty. Granted, it's also cheaper than the first laptop I bought ever (My DV5035NR @ 1049.99 before tax and warranty) but it's like...wow. I'm speechless, but my journey ends there.

So, essentially, where do I go from here? Good question. I'd love to know if the Wal-mart one goes on sale anytime soon, and if so, I'm so tempted to bite. Heck, even now, as soon as it's available, I'm tempted to jump at the opportunity. But why, tiger, why?

A few reasons. First, the LED backlit screen saves energy, and is brighter. Second, the 45nm AMD processors are much more efficient, and can go toe to toe with a Core2Duo. Third, a Radeon 4650 is TONS better than any integrated graphics card I ever had on a laptop. Fourth, integrated Wireless N is much better than carrying around a USB antenna. Last, well, blu-ray. No need for an external bay to play blu ray movies. :)

And yeah, I had my current laptop, Callisto, for about a year. But I never felt that it was meant to stick with me for as long as I had my first laptop, which was for two and a half years. It matches the room, sure, but...well... I just want something more powerful. Something I actually use. And Tsunami? I regret that that is more than I can say for what I've done with you since I built you. And well, Tsunami Jr with my spare parts. I feel that's the direction I'm going in - making use of potential rather than collecting for the sake of having it. And I think this prospective purchase will go a long, long way.

I just wish it wasn't at Wal-mart. :P
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...or am I just THAT apathetic lately? XD

I dunno. I lay here in bed, typing off this post, mainly because I feel like my journal is due for it. There haven't been any MAJOR blowups of the sort. Contentions, sure, but...for the most part, I feel sorta like it's SSDD.

Computer wise, my desktop is about as upgraded as it's gonna get for now. I got a new motherboard for it, and a new video card - an HIS Radeon 4850. I was going to sell my old one to a relatively local friend of mine, but it seems like that's no good anymore. I managed to unlock my other two cores on my processor, so I'm now running a quad. I learned how to turn a router into an access point, and am playing around with (5Ghz) Wireless N. Mom FINALLY got her birthday present a month late. XD One of the doctors I work for got a new computer, and he's cutting his teeth on Vista. And, as you saw last post, I now have a really nice handheld digital camcorder.

Work is pretty slow.

And I've gotten to make a new friend, and it's an artist I've loved ever since I got into the furry fandom - Cirrus Kitfox. :) We hit it off pretty well, and to be honest, it's shocking just how well you can get along with someone (even if you've got an idea in your mind that they're...essentially untouchable from a friend aspect). He got me to try and draw a few different things, and he did some really beautiful art for me.

Working towards paying off more of my debt. Looking forward to paying off my car this year. Gonna miss Ross when he moves out. Not so keen on our newest roommate (also read: extended guest) at the moment, but maybe that'll iron out soon enough. (But at least he does the chores for us and helps pay for groceries). Glad that more of my fursuit is being completed. I like my new pillows.

Though, I'll be honest. I feel like I'm just living day to day, paycheck to paycheck, going through the motions and just living life. I have a lot of the stuff I always wanted to have, but... It's a bunch of potential that's waiting to be used. It fits in well with my desire to be uber-resourceful, but many times it just sits idle.

Oh, and if you haven't yet, give Obama's speech for today a good read, or at least a listen when he speaks later today. It's pretty good, and inspirational, and very easy to understand.

And...yeah. That'll do for now. XD
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Just gonna toss something up here - here's a video I shot earlier today using my new toy that came in, a handheld pocket camcorder, the Kodak Zi8.

Anyone who's been to the house where I'm at knows these two - Casper and Tucker. But this video was shot in only WVGA mode. :) Very spiffy quality, if I do say so myself. I wanna get a case, a spare battery, and a larger memory card for it. Not bad quality video for $180, eh?
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Got the base for these down, so I'm one step closer to having a full partial. :)

Also, sorry I haven't been updating in a while. Not that life's been completely boring, but I just had the 'drive' to post about life goings on. Hopefully more soon though.
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I'm heavily debating upgrading my desktop to something that uses less power, and have had this in my mind for a while. I was at one point considering a Phenom II X3 720, but my focus has since become locked on a Phenom II X2 550 due my intent for Tsunami to be an HTPC first and a Gaming PC second. Granted, a 720, is overkill for that reason, for my needs. I mean, I could utilize the third core for background stuff if I was gaming with it, but this seems unlikely. And the with the 6400, although powerful, it's using more energy than most HTPC users desire for their systems. I mean, with the 550, I'd be shaving off 45 watts and still getting an increase in performance, as it's built on a more efficient process (45nm). But, back to my original intent for this post...

Assuming I get a P2 550, or even a 720, would anyone be interested in a gently used AMD Athlon 64 X2 6400+ for...say... $45? You can easily find it for double that on Newegg. I'm just looking to at least reclaim some of my purchase price (At the time that I got it, that was $169). Not to mention, I was considering upgrading my 4670 to a 4770, but stock of that card has been very scarce, and even still, I may be better off just waiting for the 5000 series in a few months, if I was serious. I mean, the 4850s are very tempting nowadays, but so is having a card bult on a 40nm process (power savings!).

Just doing this to guage interest. If you're curious, and use an AMD mobo (AM2 or AM2+ specifically), drop me a line, and I'll keep you in mind once I upgrade.

Oh, and I'm sporting a new icon. :) Drew it a few nights ago.
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I had to. XD I just freaking had to.

Below video is in part due to cutting out part of my visor from my Gekiviolet outfit so I can actually BREATHE. It's not perfect, but it's a heckuvalot better than what I had before. Sooo...I decided to get a little more mileage out of my suit, and thought, hey, I'll make a Youtube video.

Or something like that. :3 Anywho, here it is:

I'm still not quite where I wanna be weight wise, but it's okay for now. Certainly better than when I took the photos months ago.
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Hotel? Check. Rooming with some vore fans, friends of friends.
Registration? Check. Attending, but that's all I want for now.
Flight? Check. Just purchased, and for not much more than I paid last year.
Anxiety? Thrown out the window. :) Just took a change in perspective.

Soooooooo, I'm looking forward to the upcoming trip! But for now, sleep, as I have an oil change planned at 11 AM. XD
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Alrighty guys, this...may be a little late in coming, but I'm heavily considering going to AC again this year. Only problem is, as usual around this time, I'm working on hotel plans.

This year's a little interesting in that I have a lead, but I would be staying several miles away from the convention hotel. Personally, I'd prefer to be as close to the convention center as possible, and I know I've relied on the kindness of (near) strangers for the past two years, I'm hoping to rely on that luck again.

So, for starters, for any of my friends that are going to AC - are you looking for roommates, or know anyone that might be at either the Doubletree or the Westin (or even the Courtyard Marriott)? Supposedly they're trying to get con rate rooms at the Courtyard Marriott (where I stayed last year and loved). Someone I met last year at AC approached me, and we had plans to stay there--until they bumped up the costs from 119 to over 200 dollars, all while we were still looking for roomies too. Right now, rooms can be reserved there for 179, but it comes with an additional crimp in the plans...

For starters, I want to stay from Thursday to Monday. My friend is staying from Wednesday to Sunday...which would mean he and I would be paying for one night each of the room all to ourselves (given current roommate status). But, factor in the higher cost of the hotel, and you can see where this could get bad really fast. (I'm still sorta praying for lower rate con rooms at the Marriott) To be honest, paying over $450 just for the hotel stay seems a bit excessive. To cut costs, we tried to scout other hotels, but I'll be honest...I've been spoiled by being close to the con (a block or two at most, rather than several miles) so anything near the convention center would be an absolute plus.

But anywho... I'd like to pay less than $300 for my stay at a hotel for AC, and the less, the better (within reason). $150 to 200 would be great for me if I could swing it with someone.

So - in summary:
1. Do you have or know someone who is looking for roommates at AC? Which hotel are you (they) staying it?
2. If space is available, how long are you (they) staying for?
3. How much are you (they) asking each roommate to pay? Again, 150-200 would be ideal for me, with 300 as my maximum.
4. Friends are preferred, but I'll take my chances with the AC livejournal community, or even the AC MB if necessary.

And yeah, it's not until July of 09', but it's two months away, so I'd better start making arrangements now, I figure. ;3P

Thanks for the help, guys, and if anyone wants/needs a roomie or two, I'd greatly appreciate it! :)
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Oh, and I got a DSi too. :) Loving every minute of it.

But yeah...for the past few days, I've been all over Rythym Heaven. I'm past the inital set of thirty rounds, and I've just finished remix 7. So great. ^_^

So..yeah. If you're a fan of music games, and have a DS - don't pass this one up. You'll have way too much fun.
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Gone are the days of a life long past
Several journeys, intertwined, complete.
No longer together, and yet,
Setting aside the worries of old
Pain, torment, and the troubles untold
Be free, tiger! Be free!
Your life begins anew.

No longer trouble yourself with suffering.
That season has come to an end.
Burned with fire, soothed by the ash
Of a life that no longer exists.
Stepping stones of a time gone by.
Fragments of your soul.
Torn asunder.

Be free, tiger! Be free!
See what new life the world has yet in store!
Experiences, joys, and sorrows too,
These are but several things you have yet to explore.
Seize the day! Taste the flavor of life that draws near!
The past is the past, and it has no presence here.
For today, you are reborn!
Set fire anew to the path you walk
Passionate trails upon the dreams you now seek
As you sail through to a new tomorrow.

The wind whispers to you, little tiger.
Find the answers you seek in life's little hints.
There, you will find your purpose.
And also, your completion.

Be free, tiger. Be free.
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Way back when but a kitten on the internets, there was Sailor Moon. :3 It's (ironically) what brought me to furry, but I was poking around the Internet Wayback Machine to see if I could find out any information about Ashloo, an awesome music video creator back in the youth of the Sailor Moon fandom.

And lo and behold? I found old sites I thought I would NEVER see again. I'm about to EXPLODE from nostalgia!

Case in point? Ms. Haruna's Homeroom. I used to go to this site SO often to see clips of Sailor Moon Stars episodes from the Galaxia battle just as mom got the house its first computer. And you know what? It's ON THE WAYBACK ARCHIVE. CREAM PANTS = VERY YES

Example. This is the update from when the site closed due to massive amounts of bandwidth usage. THIS is from when it was offering Sailor Moon vids just prior. (And with some working links! FUCKING WORKING LINKS TO DOWNLOAD VIDEOS FROM 1998!) OMGOSH WTFBBQ!!

So like, if there was some old site that you thought you would never see again, and know the old address? You might be able to get some bits of nostalgia over there. :)

Essentially, consider it like an internet library of sorts. Just, rather than 404s, you can get actual entries from the wayback crawls.
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