Jun. 30th, 2010

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Where to start?

Geez. Suffice to say, I had a wonderful year this year.

Made some new friends, became closer to the people I already knew, and although I didn't really attend many panels (I only made it to one), I completely didn't care. I floated and did what I wanted to do, and enjoyed just about every minute of my time in Pittsburgh. It feels really surreal to me actually... Like, what standard do I compare this to? I'm used to having a small circle of pals, close ones at that, and I just kicked that door wide open this year. Ohmigosh. I'm still reeling and trying to process it all. XD

As such, rather than do my usual play by play, I'll just go person by person and hope I get everyone in.

Myrmidon Cougar - To you, man, thanks again for hosting the room and making it as pleasant as possible. It's always a pleasure rooming with you, and I hope you didn't wear yourself out too much this year. XD
Cirrus Kitfox - Dude. I FINALLY GOT TO HANG OUT WITH YOU. XD OMGOSH. It was a lot more laid back than I expected, and I know we were pretty much hanging off of each other on Friday night, but I'm so glad I've gotten to know you better. You're a real inspiration to me, and look forward to fostering our friendship. :3
SilverMoonWolf - Henshin a go go, baby. XD You're the main reason I brought the Gekiviolet outfit, and I was glad I could be there for you at AC when you wanted an ear. I totally love how much energy and passion you have and that you put into whatever you do. Who knows, maybe next year, when I have my own partial, we could plan for something for the Masquerade? :3
Vince Suzukawa - It's sad to see ISO go (since it's been more or less a staple for me coming to your table for the past several cons) but I'm still flattered that I got to hang with you as much as I did on Saturday night. And yes, passive tiggies totally exist. ;3P We're like big kitties, but we still have plenty of energy to pounce when we need to. ...we just tend to be a lot more laid back than most. XD Or, that's my take on the whole thing, anyway. :3
PRGuitarman - You can rub my tummy anytime you want, man. XD That, and I really wanna play more stuff on the DS against/with ya. :) Shame it never came around until later in the con. Your iPhone photomods were really sweet too. XD In fact, I was thinking it'd be cute if you did one when I finish the colored version of that drawing I'm doing for you and...
Bauske - I've been wanting to be pals with you for a while man, and you're a really great guy. Just never felt courageous enough to start a conversation. And much like my thing with Vince, I was way too shy to come up and say hey. Especially since you tend to be pretty busy. XD Guess we'll see where things go from here. :) Glad you liked the pic I did for you and PR, too.
Skitzo and Zippner - You two are like my anchors at furry cons lately. I really like hanging out with the two of you, and I feel bad I didn't hang out with you two more this year. (Especially on the last night) But you two are wonderful pals, and I always love seeing you both whenever I go. :) Sorry you were in that wheelchair for most of the con though, Zip, but I'm glad you're up and about (or at least, as of the last day, anyway).
Mapdark - Don't be sad, man! XD I hope what time I hung out with you at AC, I hope I cheered you up enough to help you get through the day. Sad to hear if you don't want to attend another AC, but you do have to do what makes you happy, man. Don't be afraid to float about and do what you enjoy.
Crono Liganthah - I have to mention you man - you're still one of the coolest (and most approachable) guys I know from AC. Always love seeing you around year to year, even if we maybe only saw each other for a short while each time.
Mook - Never thought I'd end up flying back to New Orleans with you, man, but I'm glad I got to know you better. I love the flash animations you do on FA, and seriously, one of these days, I want to start working on some myself. Hope to see you again soon around here, and I'm sure you're always welcome whenever we have parties at Black's.
Regi - Dude, it was so sad to hear that you had forgotten your art supplies at home, but it was good seeing you again at the con. :) I know I didn't see you much either, but I hope the weekend went relatively well for you, all considered.
Raz Raccoon - Yes, I completely was serious when I said I love the stuff you've got up, and it was nice talking to and meeting the guy I've been seeing (and partially journal stalking) online. XD Glad you liked my SPC impressions, and there's tons more where that came from. ^_^
Kaelis - We didn't see each other much during the con, and as usual, I didn't go to your room (again). XD Hopefully Kal can come to the con again next year - I really miss that mousie.
Zshamm and Hali - It's so weird. Hali's such a big name in the furry fandom nowadays, so it's interesting that I know him semi-personally. I really do wish Ronin and Darius could've come this year, but I understand why they both couldn't. I really miss all of you deeply, and I think I'd love to see you guys again on a less hectic pace.
Flare - The other Starfire. XD I know I didn't spend much time (at all) with you and Myrm, but it was nice getting to know you a bit better, all the way back from the WTF we had in AC 2002. (Wait, we have the same last furry name? WTF?)
Nauta - Another person I like running into each year. :) *hugs* Read your journals, and sorry to hear about how some of this year went for you.
Neon - I know I didn't have much of a chance to hang out with you this year (barring Sunday) because of how occupied I was at the main con space. It's nothing against you, really, and I am sorry that you had to go through some con crud funk for part of the weekend. But thank you for the meal on Friday! It really was good seeing you in person again. :3 (Just, like I said, I couldn't make any promises..)
Gelus and Nemo - Just wanted to sneak you two in here - Gelus, it's always wonderful to see you at AC too. Nemo - not much to say besides I like your chubby otter character, and you have the honor of the only trade I did all con. XD
Exatron - Just wanted to show I didn't forget you. XD It's nice hanging with you, man. Not necessarily because of anything in particular, but it just 'is'. ...if that makes sense. XD And yeah, just hearing what you can lift with your legs is damn scary. o_O Not in a bad way, though. Just..wow.
Clup and Poop - I'm sure you'll never read this, but a shout anyway - I love the work both of you do! *egostroke* Nice meeting both of you!

I think that pretty much covers it for the people I know that I saw there. If i didn't add you, my apologies - it's not intentional! *whimper*

Oh, and if you're reading this, Dragoneer, I was itching ALL CON to come up, hug you, and tell you thank you for everything you do for FA. That, and whoever wears that Fender suit is one of the coolest people on Earth. SRSLY.

Beyond that, it really was a blast to wear my Gekiviolet outfit on Saturday, and I really do regret that I wasn't able to get a combo photo with the White Ranger that was walking around. Although, I could only imagine what people in Pittsburgh must've been wondering to see a guy in violet spandex walking around with a tail. XD The sad thing is that unfortunately, the helmet is a bit scuffed up from the return flights and will need some mild repairs. <= / Still, my partial fursuit will be ready for next year, and I may just wear that instead.

All in all, it was really great to meet and get closer to the people I met this year and in years prior. It really is a bit overwhelming, and definitely scary, since I'm not used to being very social beyond my main group of friends. And surreal, I mean, it's like, the people I've always wanted to get to know better, I am, and...just... I feel so inferior! XD *bows to those with much greater artistic talent than himself* But all told, I'm very humbled and grateful for whatever's offered to me. I don't ever want or hope people feel like I'm a social burden or bother, and genuinely hope my company is enjoyed. Granted, I may be blowing it way too much out of proportion, but that's what worries me the most.

Anywho, I may get some rest soon and enjoy the last day of my vacation. XD Just wanted to get that all out before I did, though, while it's still relatively fresh.

And if I don't post before then, I hope you all have a great 4th of July weekend! :D

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