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Hey guys, still here. Rather than repeat the same 'sorry I haven't posted in a while', I'll just pick things back up again. Bear with me, though. This journal might change gears to a degree. I still wanna get my thoughts out, and things might turn a touch more political than they have been. Those are the issues I've been focusing on lately, and I wanna finally etch them on here. Mostly because I've kept my mouth shut for much too long.

I'll start off by saying...damn. The Republican Media Machine is insane. Congrats on winning the House. I'm not happy this is the case, but que sera sera.

What bothers me so much are the things that this machine is perpetuating in a bid to grab the Repubs power. And it worked. You have your base in a frenzy thinking that they need to take the country back because Obama's 'liberal agenda' is damn near apocalyptic. They want to use second amendment remedies. Private militias. Privatized health care and retirement. All in the name of the name of the free market that these people want to uphold. But something's really funny there.

For starters, you do realize that Bush doubled our national debt while he was in office, right? On top of that, Obama is trying to do his best to get us out of this hole, but members of our US Senate are willing to block him as much as possible to discredit him, make him seem ineffectual, and you know what? It worked. And you're willing to drag ALL OF AMERICA through this tar pit in the middle of a recession in the hopes of springing you back to power. ...so you can make our deficits worse. So poor people can make even less money and pay more to the rich. To increase the disparities between the poor and the wealthy. To keep people from living the 'American Dream'. To keep people healthy. But no. Your God is the free market, and it can do no wrong.

Seriously, think about it. People are upset at Bush and mainly Obama because they helped save the banks in the bailout. (Even though some of that 700 billion was not spent AND some of it was paid back with interest) Which is understandable. But to come back and say that you want the government's hands away from the market so we don't become socialist, even though we already have parts of our livelihood that are socialist, and people don't want them to be messed with? To keep the market from abusing common people, and rape us for even more money because they 'act in the best interests of the American public"?


They only care about their bottom line, and if you honestly think that they wouldn't get away with screwing you over for a few extra dollars, you have another thing coming.

And what's crazy?! The reason for our gigantic deficit? Mostly? It's due to the Bush tax cuts. Realize that, in order for government to function, it NEEDS income from the people it serves. But to say that you want to cut Medicare and Social Security, which are helping the poor in our country, who are 'looking for handouts', or living on the Government dole? People who have paid into this system for years, and you're going to criticize them for it? It's heartless. It's inhumane. Consider for me, if you will, the following graph on this site. Or even, something from the Washington Post about the amount of cuts the top 1-2% of US citizens are getting. Yes. These rich people are so deserving of such a ginormous amount of tax assistance, per the laws currently in place. If we chopped off tax cuts for income above $250,000, the deficit would be cut by 700 BILLION DOLLARS. Just for an increase of 3-4%. That's it. You think these guys are hurting after ten years of this? HELL NO. And let's not get started on the fact that our defense spending is more then the next thirty countries COMBINED.

But no, we need to keep ALL cuts because these people are creating jobs! MORE BULLSHIT. We've created more jobs in the past eight months under Obama then for ALL EIGHT YEARS of the Bush presidency. Gee, why are these private companies hiring NOW as opposed to during those eight years, huh?

This stuff has reached a fever pitch in me. I'm SICK AND TIRED of all this misinformation being doled around by Fox News and the like. And you know what? Did you know that they actually won a Supreme Court case that stated that they can legally lie to the public? It's astonishing. Yes, I realize that the repubs are upset with their losses in 2008, were embarassed by Bush, and want to restart their party. But guys...this is NOT the way to do it. The absolute worst thing that the Tea Party has doen for them is drove them from what little sense they had and straight into the looney bin. And in our lovely 24 Hour News Cycle Media Machine...it keeps coming. Especially during elections. And this crap is stressful. :P

And while you're at it, could you stop demonizing people who disagree with you? It's disgusting and absolutely upsetting to think that we can't have the civil discourse that we NEED in this country to move forward. We're filled with ideas, hype, hyperbole, and the hits keep coming. And people are getting more brazen about getting away with things. We want people to stand up and do what's right for all of us. To be there and provide a voice of reason!

*sigh* And there's tons more I could say. But it's way too much and too detailed to devote to just one post. I'm just really tired of the misinformation and the lies to get people thinking irrationally.

And yes, I know some of the people on my LJ list may disagree with me, but I just ask you to take a good, hard look at the people we've just elected to office. It would be one thing if some of these guys had ideas that we could discuss and debate over. And by that, I don't mean dismantling the government or stopping it from running. It's only going to get worse. You think we had few bills passed in Congress over the past two years? HA. If the filibuster rule isn't changed, we're getting more of the same for the next two years. Right when Americans could use assistance from government the most, those in power want you to suffer. And then blame Obama for it.

Oh, and take checks from the stimulus, even though they created a public specatacle of themselves by saying that they would refuse the money. And give giant checks to people and say it's from them. I'm looking at you Jindal. Bastard.

I'm sorry, but when you have a party that lives and breathes over the idea that they live by the bible, and willfully lie to us, keep people from getting aid that they need (and paid the government for), and show that they don't care about the needs of their constiuents in the name of political power? And you have the NERVE to call yourself a Christian? Being a politician DOES NOT give you the right to lie or decieve the public you serve. Or maybe I just hold people to too high a standard.
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