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If you've been browsing Youtube today, you may have noticed them promoting a channel called "Invisible People". Now, yes, I know I don't post much lately, but I figured it was pretty poignant and worth supporting. Mostly because some of these people really are like you and I, and have just fallen on hard times. And to take a moment at really how much we take for granted, and what others have to do just to get by.

Sure, we save money for expensive televisions, flights across the US or the globe, places to live and are driven to constantly buy more and more just to keep that level of consumption up, because we're 'never satisfied'. And yet, families, who are trying to make the most of their lives, just trying to do the best they can, have to keep their chin up with the clothes on their backs, a sleeping bag, and go day to day just hoping that things work out for them.

I felt moved enough that, if you bear with me for just a few minutes, watch a few videos that tugged at my heartstrings, and made me feel like I really should be doing more to help people like these out. And in particular, in one video, for a vet who risked his life in Vietnam is now homeless and not being cared for - it's honestly heart breaking. Words can't describe just how shocking that a country would turn its back on a war vet like him.

I'm gonna put three videos that called out to me, with the first one here and the second two behind a cut.

Sure, the label for homeless people may be that they're drunk, on drugs, and lazy, but that may be just an excuse to keep people from caring about their fellow men, women, and children. Granted, maybe some of them are. But some of these people genuinely want to get back on their feet and have a better life for themselves and their families. Maybe they've made some bad choices. But that's not to mean that they can't turn around or that we should damn them to never have a second or third chance in life. I mean, seriously, what if we were in their place? God forbid any of us have to deal with that, but seriously... Consider these people. Watch a few videos from the channel. Maybe you'll be moved like I was.

And to those that say they should just 'get a job at McDonalds', well, there's someone else that deserves their story told as well. And maybe she brought it on herself by having such a large family, but don't tell me you can watch this video and NOT feel something for her, and how much she's trying to make ends meet.

It hurts. Especially to see good people who genuinely try to make things work for their family and have to struggle so hard to do so.

Date: 2010-08-23 02:53 pm (UTC)
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I would say a good portion of homeless or near homeless are not due to their own bad choices. That's usually the first thing our mind centers on as humans: wondering how they got themselves this way, or even going a step further like we've heard in some political arenas, that if they really wanted to, they wouldn't have to live like that, or extended unemployment just encourages people to not look for a new job. That's just cruel, and it automatically puts blame on the victim.

Why do we do that? I wish I knew. But the point is, any one of us could be them, because we are them, and they are us. We can make plans, we can decide we won't 'end up like that' and have the right job, and put away some savings and pay off the credit cards every month, and actually live it, maybe for years. Then, the unexpected, the car that up and dies, the insurance company who refuses to pay, the medical condition dormant for years, the natural disaster, the sudden death of a provider, the job that's downsized, etc., and it's not that we were living on the edge the whole time so that any one of these could have taken us out. It's the combination of things, the one after the other, the looking for new work that just isn't there, trying to keep things together, but nothing seems to be working. Then before you know it, we become the object lesson that the rest of us wag our finger at while we walk by with our temporary plenty and our self-assurance.

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