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I've been waffling on making this post for a few days now about this, but I'll just cut some of my notable recent details (since I want to do it, but go to bed too).

1. Best way I've found to deal with anxiety? Become my own best friend. I'm becoming more predisposed to helping myself when I'm not thinking about the 'what ifs', and concentrating more on what will help me through my current problem.
2. Following this up, it's easier to look at problems and find solutions versus think about percieved reactions. Who cares what everyone thinks? I have to be happy, so I'm going to shoot for that. Besides, self-actualization is fun. :)
3. If I want to do something, just do it. It could be fun and exciting. ^_^

Over the past few days, I've opted more towards finding solutions to my problems rather than just dwelling and dwelling, and in fact really going nowhere with them. I decided that it's much better to find resolutions - I can move on to another problem and tackle that one too. Case in point - I've been looking at perhaps getting an LED LCD TV. But I already have a 42" LG that's serving me just fine. After checking the set out at Best Buy, I came to a conclusion. I can't justify the new set which essentially has only a better backlight (and contrast ratio), another HDMI port, and internet connectivity. The resolution is the same. Until my roommate buys my current TV from me, I have no reason to upgrade. 42" is daunting enough in my room, even if I wanted to go up to a 47". So it just wasn't practical. Figured I'd at least wait until Black Friday and see what comes out then, and how prices look. What this stopped me from doing is buying into all of the hype and realizing that, hey, what I have now is fine. I don't need to rush an upgrade. :P

One little note however - the prices for the XBox 360 arcades are really tempting with Banjo Kazooie: Nuts and Bolts and Viva Pinata. I may end up getting one of those soon, mostly just to play those, and maybe play around on Live Arcade every once and again. (Though I still have tons of stars to nab in Super Mario Galaxy 2...)

And one other thing that may lean more towards TMI - I think I am finally completely accepting of my sexuality. Recently, I've come to the conclusion that, hey, this isn't a phase, or a game of some sort. Mom may not be happy about it, but this is part of who I am. I enjoy loving other men, and I love when guys love up on me too. It's a part of me, so why deny it? I think for too long I've discredited it, but I do enjoy that part of me. Due to that, I don't feel as awkward with those feelings in my own skin, and I love myself more now. So it feels really good. :)

And yes, I do really badly want to start building specialty cakes now. :P I wanna make me a furry cake something fierce, so I may start investing in that tomorrow, or even this weekend. Could be a fun little endeavour!
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